Advanced Rejuvenation

Over decades of working with the rejuvenation of the Spirit, I have now found that the importance of the correct combination of true rejuvenation is in fact the successful application of the CORRECT processes run on the Spirit, Mind and Body. With this in mind I have developed the Processes now run at our retreat in Texas, aimed at Cellular Clearing.

The perfect combination of:

1. A Safe space to deliver and run these processes
2. Safe and Correct Air
3. Safe and Correct Water

4. Safe and Correct foods.

5. For every individual a Safe and Correct Program

This ultimately allows us to undo what's behind the physical and mental chain of abuse/addiction.

I will tell you that it is impossible to enforce the handling of any addiction. The CORRECT Cellular Clearing processes run with the CORRECT combination of the named 5 points, does however allow these areas of abuse to come apart bit by bit.

These processes also allow YOU to identify the exact foods that are being combined to feed these addictions. Such as the incorrect diet holding down anger and rage.

I can positively state that the Cellular Clearing Processes, combined with the CORRECT setup can assist YOU to a new awareness of the ultimate Rejuvenation of the Spirit, Mind and Body.

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Alan C. Walter
November 2003

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2003, Alan C. Walter